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In article <2vi75u$rgr@ucunix.san.uc.edu> rdjager@merle.acns.nwu.edu 
<Rama Jager> wrote:

: Hey you all,

: 	I just wanted to say that I think having a newsgroup like this is a
: fantastic idea because it allows a person to learn more about Hinduism,
: which is something that I feel is needed by a lot of American Hindus these
: days... especially me! 

: 	I am really impressed by some of the messages and discussions that I have
: seen on this board, and I am sure it will expand greatly as people become
: more aware of it. It's much more convienient to have a separate board for
: Hinduism rather than sorting through some of the propaganda I have seen on
: the s.c.india board...

: 	One suggestion: perhaps we could try to focus not only on the ideals of
: Hinduism, but also on the practice of Hinduism while living in the modern
: world.

: Rama.

I agree!  The our community in America is far-flung and this is an 
excellent way for us to stay in touch.  Apparently though, this group was 
out of action for a while because I stopped receiving posts months ago.  
When I saw it was back up today, I immediatly resubscribed.  Keep up the 
good work! :-)

-- Jaldhar

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