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Re: impressed

Rama Jager (rdjager@merle.acns.nwu.edu) wrote:

: 	I just wanted to say that I think having a newsgroup like this is a
: fantastic idea because it allows a person to learn more about Hinduism,
: which is something that I feel is needed by a lot of American Hindus these
: days... especially me! 

Just wondering, why isn't this group in the alt.religion.xxxx format or
anything?  It seems that those seem to get a lot more messages than this
group.  Perhaps an unmoderated newsgroup fitting the alt.religion.xxx
format may attract more people? 

I dunno....it just seems that all of the other "religion" newsgroups get
much more postings than does this one(ie Christianity, Islam, Judaism,
Zoroastrianism, etc.)

Kickin at cal,


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