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Re: Compiling Directory of Places of Worship (Long) temple dir

In article <2uql0p$gsb@ucunix.san.uc.edu>, sinha@lobby.ti.com (Arun Sinha)
joshi paresh <paresh@orph01.phy.ornl.gov> ahs@unx.dec.com writes:
>If there is such a place of worship in the town in which you are located,
>please send me the following information:
Name of Place of Worship: The Society of Abidance in Truth
Street Address:1834 Ocean Street
City and Zip:Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Phone Number (including Area Code):(408) 425-7287
Type: Hindu/Saivite
Comments:Dedicated to the teachings of Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi and
Advaita Vedanta

Feel free to write for additional information

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