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Temple Art Gallery To Be built in TN

* Temple Art Gallery To Be Built in TN

     Madras, July 21 (PTI) The Tamil Nadu temple administration
board today decided to construct a South Indian temple art
gallery at Muttukadu near here at a cost of Rs 150 lakh to 
highlight the hoary past of Tamil temples and artisans.
     The meeting of the board, which was chaired by the Tamil
Nadu Chief Minister, Miss Jayalalitha, decided that funds for
the project would be raised from the surplus funds belonging to
the temples and that construction work on the gallery would
begin soon.
     An official press release here said the board also 
ordered the release of Rs 10 lakh from the chief minister's
temple renovation and maintenance fund to renovate 10 temples
in which worship was not going on and protect them as 
historical monuments. This would form the first stage of a plan
to protect 66 such monuments now under the maintenance of the
state archaeological department, which were considered  part of
the state's temple heritage.

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