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Mahabharata. Devavanipravesika.

I am looking for the latter volumes of the Mahabharata series translated by
J.A.B van Buitenen.

If you know if volumes 4 and later are available (and where), I would appreciate
it if you could drop me some e-mail (sanand@acm.org). Was the series ever

The series is from the University Of Chicago Press (where I am continuing
to search).

Thank you in advance,

Also, for the person looking for books to learn Sanskrit:

	Devavanipravesika - An Introduction to the Sanskrit Language
	Robert Goldman, Sally Sutherland
	2nd Edition, Center For South And Southeast Asia Studies,
	Univ. Of California, Berkeley
	Lib. Of Congress Number: 87-071561
	Published 1987.

I have just obtained the book; it seems very thorough (NB: I don't understand
Sanskrit). It is used by one of our local universities and I understand
it is very well accepted.

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