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Re: avatars...(Sai Baba)

I am not too frazzled by the following remark, since countless
people in the past have set themselves up as god-men.

In article <31udoj$lbs@ucunix.san.uc.edu> S2DARBHA@ELECOM2.watstar.uwaterloo.ca (SriKrishna Darbha) writes:
> Sai Baba himself has said often that he is an avatar, a
> poorna-avatar at that, an embodiment of Siva-Sakthi, the *total*
> manifestation of God embodying all names and forms ever ascribed to
> God by mankind.

But the following effusiveness is simply astounding:

> I'm ignorant about Mother Meera, but Sri Sathya Sai Baba has been
> profusely manifesting signs of omnipotence, omniscience etc. since
> over 50 years now.

Satya Sai Baba is perhaps one of the best propagandists this world
has ever come by. By simply stating obvious things that people
want to hear ("Do good to others", "Love of God is the way to 
happiness") and by supplanting these statements with snake-oil
variety magic, this charlatan has amassed an incredible fortune
as well as a worldwide following.  Unquestioning devotees such
as the one quoted above simply propagate further incredulous 
stories about this man who would be God.

Lest people say, "He's making people feel better. Even if he's a fake,
why not leave him alone?" The issue is more complex than this.
Many followers of Sai Baba become attached to him as a cult member
would get attached to a cult leader. It can be mentally (and economically)
devastating. Furthermore, the motives of Baba are not always as 
pure as one would like to believe. A couple of years back, there
were a serious of articles posted by many people detailing the
amateurish magic tricks Sai Baba uses to convince his devotees of
his divinity.  There are also some very disturbing details 
concerning the Baba's dealings with certain other devotees and
associates. I will be glad to email this file to anyone who is

The short answer is -- no one man on this earth can give you 
happiness, especially one so thoroughly debunked as Sai Baba. 
Render only unto God what is deservedly God's.


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