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Mahabharat War 5561 B.C : By Dr.P.V. Vartak (5/5)

                       (16th October 5561 B.C.)
                     Dr. Padmakar Vishnu Vartak

Other  points  supporting  the   date   16th   October   5562nd   B.C.

Kshaya or Vishvaghasra Paksha 
A fortnight of only thirteen days is told by Vyasa which occured  just
before  the  great  War.  Such a fortnight comes at the interval of 22
years.  Calculations show that at 5562nd B.C. Kshaya Paksha did occur.
It  had occured 1962 and 1940.  1962+5562 = 7524 is completely divisi-
ble by 22.

Amavasya confirmed 
Krishna and Karna fixed the day of War on Amavasya (Udyog  142).  Vyas
also indicates in Bhishma 2 & 3 that the War started on the day second
Amayasya, because two successive Amavasyas appeared then. Bhishma died
on  the  day  after 67 (58+9) nights from the onset of the War, on the
occasion Uttarayan i.e. 22nd December.  So the War must have commenced
on 16th October. Let us see if Amavasya  comes on this day.

In 1979, Amavasya was on 21st of October.  Amavasyas repeat after  the
intervals  of  29.53058 days.  The Lunar year is of 354.367 days while
the Solar year is 365.25 days.   1979+5561 = 7540 multiplied by 365.25
and divided by 354.367 gives 7771.5616 Lunar years.  0.5616 Lunar year
means 199.0125 days.  199.0125 divided by  29.53058  gives  6.7392005.
This  indicates  that  6  Amavasyas  are completed and 0.7392005 lunar
month or 22 days are left.  These 22 days are left  for  21st  October
and  we have to go behind upto 16th October. So adding these 6 days to
22 we get 28 days.  After 28 days Amavasya can occur. After 29 days it
always  occurs.  Thus  on 15th and 16th October 5562nd year B.C, there
were two successive amavasyas as mentioned by Vyas.

Another method gives the same conclusion. At the interval of 19  years
the  Amavasya  falls  on  the same date. 19x365.25 divided by 29.53058
gives 235.00215. So in 19 years 235 Amavasya are completed.   I  found
that  on  17th  October 1963, there was an Amavasya.  1963+5561 = 7524
divided by 19 gives 396. This division is complete, so  there  was  an
Amavasya.  Thus  it  is  established  that  Vyas has reported Amavasya

Vyas has mentioned that there was Solar as well as Lunar  eclipses  in
one month at the time of Mahabharat War.  Calculations confirm that in
October 5561 year B.C, both the Solar and Lunar  eclipses  did  occur.
Rahu  and  Ketu were in Uttara Ashadha at 273 deg. & 279 deg. so total
eclipse of the Sun took place on the Margashirsha Amavasya day    Only
13  days  earlier,  according to Vyasa, there was Pournirma with lunar
eclipse, causing pallor of the Moon. Thirteen  days  earlier  the  sun
would  have  been 13 deg. behind at (279 - 13 =) 266 in Purva Ashadha.
It was Pournima so the Moon was diagonally opposite at   (266-180=) 86
deg.  in Punarvasu, just beyond Mruga, so it was Margashirsha Pournima
though it is wrongly or enigmatically told  to  be  Kartika  Pournima.
Rahu was at 273 deg., so Ketu was diagonally opposite in Punarvasu, so
the ellipse of the moon was possible which was not total.

A Big comet 
Vyas has mentioned that at the time of Mahabharat War a big comet  was
seen just beyond Pushya Nakshtra. There are many comets. Indian Astro-
nomical works refer to more than 500 comets, but big comets  are  very
few.   Haley's comet is one of the big comets which comes at the regu-
lar intervals of 77 years.  It was seen in 1910 and 1987.  If  we  add
1910+5561  =  7271.   7271 is divisible completely by 77. Evidently it
seems that it was Haley's comet was seen at the Mahabharat War.

All the twelve planets confirm their said positions  on  16th  October
5561  years B.C. along with two Amavasyas, two eclipses, Kshaya Paksha
and a Comet.  Thus, in all 18  mathematical  positions  fix  the  same
date.   Therefore,  we have to accept this date of the Mahabharat War,
if we want to be scientific. Please note that all the  twelve  planets
will come in the same positions again only after 2229 crores of years.
That means it will never happen  again  in  the  life  of  our  earth,
because  life of the earth is only 400 crores of years. So the date of
the Mahabharat War is pin-pointed as 16th October 5561 B.C.

Hereunder is provided a short table dates of important Mahabharat events
in years.  (Dates and Tithis in years in Rama Samvat assuming Shri Rama
Samvat  1st January. 1 equivalent to 1st Jan 7323 B.C. Rama's birth date
has been conclusively proved to be 4th Dec. 7323 B.C.( "Vastav Ramayan").

Event                                       Date         
-----                                       ----

Going to forest                       4th Sept. 5574 BC

Kitmeet Killed                        7th Sept. 5574 BC

Going underground                     19th May 5562  BC

Keechak killed                        1st April 5561 BC

Anukeechak-Massacre                   2nd April 5561 BC

End of secret life                    9th April 5561 BC

Cows stolen                           15th April 5561 BC

Arjuna exposed                        16th April 5561 BC

All pandavas exposed                  19th April 5561 BC

Marriage of Uttara                    4th May. 
& Abhimanyu.

Krishna set out for a treaty.         27th Sept.

Stay at Upaplavya                     27th Sept.

Stay at Vrukshthala                   28th Sept.

Dinner to Brahmins                    29th Sept.

Entry into Hastinapur                 30th Sept.

Krishna meets Kunti etc.              1st Oct.

Invited for meeting                   2nd Oct.

First meeting                         3rd Oct.

Second meeting and an attempt         4th Oct.   
to arrest Krishna.

Third meeting Vishvaroopa             7th Oct.

Stay at Kunti                         8th Oct.

Krishna meets Karna. War              9th Oct.

Krishna returns                       9th Oct.

Pandavas preparation                  11th Oct.  
Balaram's visit.

Mahabharat war started                16th Oct.

Abhimanyu killed                      28th Oct. 5561 BC.

End of War                            2nd November 5561 B.C.

Yudhishthira crowned                  16th Nov. 5551 BC.

Bhishma expired                       22nd Dec. 5561 BC

Pandava  campaign                     15th Jan. 5560 BC  
for wealth

Parikshita born                       28th Jan. 5560 BC

Pandavas return                       25th Feb. 5560 BC

Ashvamedh Deeksha.                    1st March 5560 BC

Return of Arjuna Horse                15th Jan. 5560 BC

Ashvamedh yajna                       22nd Feb. 5559 BC

Dhrutarashtra went to forest          18th Aug. 5545 BC

Pandavas visited Kunti                18th Aug. 5543 BC
Vidura expired

Death of Kunti, Dhrutarashtra,        Sept./Oct. 5541 BC 
and Gandhari

Yadava Massacre                       5525 B.C.

Parikshit Dead                        5499 B.C.

Prasad Gokhale
University of New Brunswick,     f0g1@jupiter.sun.csd.unb.ca
Fredericton, N.B. CANADA.        f0g1@unbmvs1, f0g1@unb.ca

     "Truth can wait, it is used to it". - Anonymous. 

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