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Re: Historicity of Mahabharat

There is a great need for Hindus/Historians to study the great epics like the
Mahabharat to discover its historicity (is that a real word?). 
I believe the records in the epics to be true, however, in today's world
"our religion" is being attacked on the basis that it holds no historical
validity, that it is nothing more than the imagination of great storytellers.
For example, Christianity can prove, if nothing else, that a man by the name 
of Jesus existed.

	(I may not have phrased the above paragraph properly, but I hope you
	understand the basic point.) 

We need to show that the time frames and geography and ... mentioned in our 
religious literature is true. That, we need to show the Mahabharat 
occurred some 5,000 years ago. And that the Ramayana took place prior to that.

Rather than except what the western scholars claim. 

	- Nimesh
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