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Subject: Re: Question about marriage ceremony
Newsgroups: alt.hindu
Organization: Mordor International BBS

In article <32bqio$8er@ucunix.san.uc.edu> you wrote:

: I would like to get some information concerning the restrictions on
: individuals meeting prior to marriage.  I am trying to respresent an
: individual filing for finance status for a woman from India.  The INS has
: denied the application because the man and woman have never met, nor have
: they had any substantive relationship.  My understanding from the
: individual is that as a hindu, it is common for marriages to be arranged
: and for the man and women to be prohibitted from meeting.  In order to
: argue this case with the INS it would be helpful to have documentary
: evidence of this religous restriction.

: Thanks for any help.

This could be a problem.  Like many Hindu customs, arranged marriages are 
based on tradition rather than documented in a screipture somewhere.  I 
think your best bet would be to have a Hindu priest or scholar testify 
that this is the norm amongst many Hindus.  If you are anywhere near 
NY/NJ I'd be willing to help you.

-- Jaldhar

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