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Found: General Hinduism Book

Hey all,

I've recently come across a book that looks like a pretty good introduction
to Hinduism.  It discusses the dieties, scriptures, customs, philosophies,
and much more.  Here's the info for those of you who were requesting some
information on Hinduism:

The Hindu Mind
by Bansi Pandit
B&V Enterprises, 1993
ISBN 0-9634798-1-4

It's not in bookstores yet, but you can obtain it through mail order:

Send $14.95 + $1.50 for 4th class or $3 for 1st class p/h to:
B&V Enterprises
925 Maryknoll Circle
Glen Ellyn, IL  60137

The book is very straightforward, with no prior background required.

Hope it helps...

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