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The purpose of this message is to inform Indian Net users about the 
formation of an Alliance of Sindhi youths.

The purpose of the Alliance, open to Sindhi youths of all ages (i.e. 15-30)
from all parts of North America, is to foster unity and friendship within
the Sindhi community.

Note that this is a sincere initiative which begins in the Northeast but
hopes to spread all across North America.  Some preliminary objectives of
the Alliance are:
		1. Networking
		2. Forming support groups
		3. Increasing social contact
		4. Learning more about the Sindhi culture

Although the Internet is a good medium to disseminate this message, word of
mouth is far more effective.  So please spread the word among your Sindhi
friends and relatives about the Alliance.

The initiative is in its emryonic stage, so any suggestions on how to
get the ball rolling would be quite helpful.

Please show your interest by contacting:
		Mukesh Pursnani at (201)989-0675
		Kishor Belani at (516)334-0168
			(email: ad6ksju@sjumusic.stjohns.edu)

They'll be happy to hear from you!

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