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Re: No Full stops in India

In article <31ml09$s5e@ucunix.san.uc.edu>, Anand Bemra <anand@cadence.com>

Re: No Full stops in India: The whole introduction is interesting and I'm
sure one would want to read the whole thing. I would probably spend a good
amount of time going "Humph" and "Bloody elitist liberal", however.
      I suspect, if the view in the introduction is any guide, that Mr.
Tully has always been looking from the top down and, however sympathetic
he may be to the plight of the poor, I doubt he chose to move to a village
and live on the bottom looking up.
      India has been a economic mess for some time. An unholy alliance
between a few big business rajas and governmental interference (central
planning, five year plans, state-run industries, multi-level regulations
and bureaucracies with attendent levels of bribery for by-pass of same)
destroyed initiative and shunted India into years of stagnation when it
needed bursts of growth the most.
      Mr. Tully seems to favor communism as practiced in China. Perhaps he
forgets that the Chinese culture and general behavior patterns of the
Chinese people have something to do with the way things work there. There
are even dissidents in the worker's paradise, but nothing like there would
be in India should  an attempt be made to duplicate the government of
          And Mr. Tully wants to accommodate religion. Oh my! as if it
were one simple little aspect of Indian life, not Hydra-headed and
tripartite (at least).
         I do want to read this book!

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