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In article <34isgb$t1o@ucunix.san.uc.edu> Chandan Bandopadhyay <cbando@lynx.dac.neu.edu> Srikanta N Mookerjee <snmst1+@pitt.edu> writes:

> by Murali Deddhu
>    If I say, "I am proud to be a Muslim"
>    They all say, "He is a man with an honest faith"
>    If I say, "I am proud to be a Christian"
>    They all say, "He is a good man with belief in his faith"
>    If I say, "I am proud to be a Hindu"
>    They all say, "He is a fundamentalist man with an ill placed faith"

[More self-pitying blather deleted.]

Cry me a river! Get over it -- it just happens to turn out that 
there are many who are "proud to be Christian" who are at the same
time tolerant of other faiths and generally keep to themselves.
This new wave of "Hindu patriotism" is nothing but a political
movement, with no religious intention at all; it is simply an 
attempt to gain power.

I am proud of my personal beliefs. I am a Vaishnava Vedantin,
and I have very little in common with the BJP/VHP/RSS brand of

There's that word again -- "Hinduism" -- how meaningless!


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