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Re: King Bali & the Dasha Avatars

In article <34isg5$t1g@ucunix.san.uc.edu> <news@watserv2.uwaterloo.ca> S2DARBHA@ELECOM2.watstar.uwaterloo.ca (Srikrishna Darbha) writes:

[Describes an inconsistency in the Puranic accounts of Kurma and
 Narasimha avataras]

> I couldn't think of any other explanations. Any ideas?
> ...Srikrishna

How about, ``The Puranas are simply a collection of entertaining,
mythological stories, not meant to be consistent with one another?''
I don't recall reading about Bali being the king of the asuras 
during the churning of the ocean, but does it really matter?

For example, Lakshmi is supposed to eternally reside on the right
chest of Vishnu. At the same time, she is said to have been born
from the milk ocean. How do we reconcile these two?

We can't. And it shouldn't matter that we can't do so.


P.S. Readers should also note that the dashavatara concept postdates
     the major Puranas. 

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