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Puranic Time Calculations.. Very Informative

Hi Friends!

These are the time calculations I wanted to provide. They are interesting
to read and keep a copy.  These details are given in the Bhagavatha.
A 'Muhurta' is a unit period of time which roughly equals 48 minutes of
our present day time. 30 Muhurtas make a day for humans. 360 such days make
an year for us. An year of humans is equal to a day in the life of Devas
(Gods). 366 such days would make a divine year. 12000 divine years make a
chatur yuga. A chatur yuga is the combination of the four yugas namely
Krita, Treta, Dwapar and Kali. Krita is 4800 of divine years, Treta is for
3600 divine years, Dwapar is for 2400 divine years and Kali is shortest
with 1200 divine years. Besides this, the time at the beginning and end of
a yuga (and the end/start of the next one) is called Samdhya. Taking these
samdhyas together, Krita counts to 800 divine years, Treta to 600 D.Y's,
Dwapar to 400 D.Y's and Kali to 200 D.Y's. 

One thousand Chatur Yugas forma day of Brahma. His night is of same duration.
360 such days and nights will form an year of Brahma. Brahma lives for 100
such years. Now he is in first day of the second half his life duration. A
day of Brahma is known as Kalpa. The present kalpa is called 'Sveta Varaha'
kalpa due to the fact that Vishnu lifted the earth from Rasatala in the
form of white boar (after Hiranyaksha threw it there). The previous one was
known as Padma Kalpa. In each kalpa there are 14 manus who rule the earth. 
We are in the sway of 7th Manu at present. His name is Vaivaswata. In each
Manvantara (the life time of Manu) there is a separate Manu, separate Indra
and seven rishis(seers) and so on. The next Manu is 'Savarni' and next
Indra is Bali since when Vishnu pushed Bali to nether worlds, He gave a boon
to Bali that next Indra will be Bali. Since there are 14 manus, each
manu will rule roughly for about 71 Chatur Yugas.

In each chatur yuga, the vedas are given as complete to the people at the
beginning of Krita Yuga. In Krita yuga, the people are pure minded and
there is no fear of spoiling Vedas. But as the time passes, the people 
become physically and mentally weak so the Vedas are divided into several
parts and given to the people. The officer employed on this work is Vyasa
at present. So far the Vedas were divided 28 times. This means we are
presently in 28th Chatur yuga. 

-- Bye -- Luv -- Sastry

Again : This is not my effort! All credit to sramalin@cc.memphis.edu

P.S : One more tid-bit of information!! (Some where hidden down the memory
lanes!!) -- The next Brahma would be Hanuman. Also for the next Chatur-Yuga,
Ashwatthaama (son of Drona who is the guru of Arjuna who is well....;), who
has been cursed by Lord Krishna to live eternally with disease and injuries
(disease  till the end of this chatur-yuga I guess!) would be one of the
eight rishis who would deliver the vedas in the complete form. (Vishwamitra
would also be one such rishi).

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