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Puranic Quiz

Hi Friends!

Here is a small informative quiz posted on the net. The original author
uses the word Hindu-Mythology (Mythology is not appropriate I guess, it
should be "Puranas".. since mythology means myths and there is enough
reason to believe that Ramayana and Mahabharata took place.. Mmm.. just in
case you disagree, you stick to mythology!).

In the next post, I will send some interesting things about the vedic-concept
of time. (It's breath-taking!!)

Here are the questions and the answers

1. A certain God in Hindu Mythology is called Tripuranthaka. Why is He so
   called and who is He ?
A: Lord Siva is called Tripuranthaka since He killed the Tripurasuras.
   They were three demons who got three flying cities and started
   harassing the worlds. Siva took the help of several people to destroy
   them - one was Lord Vishnu for his arrow.

2. In the Mahabharatha there are five heroes. If one kills a second hero,
   the rule of thumb goes in such a manner that, this very hero kills the rest
   of the three. The final one that remained was Bhima. Name the other four.
A: Bakasura, Jarasandha, Kichaka and Duryodhana (in the order they got killed)

3. A certain sage is meditating. Years passed on and suddenly he opened his
   eyes and found that trees, animals and Humans have grown to shorter sizes
   and notices that one Yuga went by while he was in meditation. He also 
   forsees a need for him teach the nearby king's son the good weapons that
   are required to destroy the demons. So he gets up and goes to the King
   and after some hassle teaches the King's son, all the weapons. Name all
   the personalities here.
A: Sage :- Viswamitra, King :- Dasaratha, Princes :- You need them still ?
   Okay, they are Rama and Lakshmana. 

4. There are two vultures(or huge birds) who helped Rama get back His wife. 
   One was killed by Ravana and the other survived. Recall their names. 
A: Younger one is Jatayu, killed by Ravana. Elder was Sampathi who gave
   clues to Hanuman and party about where Sita was hidden.

5. Two demons devour the sages by offering them food. Many sages are killed 
   thus. Finally all sages send a wige seer to end the hostilities. He goes
   and devours one and the other too is dead later. Name all of them.
A: The demons are Vatapi and Illwala. Agastya devours Vatapi and digests
   him and Illwala was killed later.

6. Who are the divine musicians in the courts of Indra ?
A: Besides several Gandharvas, the main ones are Narada and Tumbura. BTW
   Apsarasas are dancers, NOT musicians.

The next three are very interesting questions on time. I am posting a separate
article on that right after this.
7. If you ever listened intently to the Mantras in the temple, you should have
   noticed the reciting...'Jamboodveepe,.....kalpe ......manvantare..etc'. They
   mean to say, the place from where we are worshipping and who is at present
   holding sway on the worlds and which Kalpa we are in. Can you name the 
   present Kalpa ? How about the previous Kalpa ?
A: This one is Sveta Varaha Kalpa, due to the fact that at the start of the
   present kalpa, Vishnu lifted the earth from the nether worlds (Rasatala, 
   where it was put by Hiranyaksha) in the form of white boar. The previous
   one was known as Padma Kalpa.

8. In each kalpa 14 Manus hold the sway. Which Manu is ruling now ?
A: Vyvaswata Manu.

9. How many are yugas and what is the time calculation for these ? And what is
   a Chatur yuga ?
A: Four - Krita, Treta, Dwapara and Kali. All the four constitute a Chatur 
   Youga. Time calculations are provided by separate article posted just
   after this one.

10.When Siva took the Halahala (kalakoot ?) to drink it up, it stayed in his
   throat and therefore we call Him 'Garala Kantha' or 'Nila Kantha'. Why 
   did the poison stay in His throat ?
A: Two theories are possible of the many. One is, Siva's head contains the 
   upper worlds and his stomach the nether worlds. He did not want to scorch
   any of the worlds so He kept the poison in his thraot. The second theory
   is, He, with stunning sacrifice, wanted to swallow the poison and save the
   worlds but Divine Mother Parvathi put her hand on the throat of Siva and
   with her power, the poison stayed in Siva's throat.

-- Bye -- Luv -- Sastry

The Original Author is sramalin@cc.memphis.edu

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