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Re: superstitions

In Article 1346 Manish Tandon (manish@cadence.com) writes:
>And worse, atheists like Vivekananda in the recent times promoted completly
>ignorant views (a sort of cross between mayavad and soonyavad) covered with
>flowery language of Universal Consciousness and what not. These are really
>the ones who misguide the ignorant masses that you can use your own whims
>and pranks and realize that you yourself are God. These idiots dont even
>understand that the very idea of God turns meaningless as soon as one thinks
>there is more than one Supreme, because if so, neither would be Supreme.
        [ I have nothing to do with the main thread of the topic, but want
to respond to some of the comments and views of yours.]
        I don't get it. You think Vivekananda promoted "completely ignorant
views" and you consider him as "idiot", right?? Kudos to your originality
and irrationality. Without logical, empirical, spiritual and even actual
experience-based proof to back-up, calling a person who epitomised one of the
sublime truths by actually living them and not by mere preaching, shows only
your utter shallowness and fanaticism. May be you should be sympathised with,
because you do not quite understand nor appreciate the loftiness or the
subtlities of the his teachings, but by condemning him as "idiot" you are
condemning only yourself and closing yourself to the goodness and help, his
teachings can do to you. For a soul who renounced everything including name,
fame and even accolades or acceptance by the world, what difference does it
make if you consider his teachings as ignorant or not??
        Also, don't delude yourself into believing that he promoted something
with the help of "flowery language of Universal Consciousness" because,
believe me, it takes more than language and even concepts and ideology to
inspire and uplift generations of people who still continue to get succor,
solace and guidance from the fountain of his teachings. I am not proposing
anyone to blindly believe any one, be it Vivekananda, Chaitanya, Krishna or
Jesus, but only pointing that baseless and proofless conclusions coupled with
slandering is very mean, disgusting and degrading. The attitude of "I alone am
right and whosoever tells otherwise are ignorant and idiots", is at best, a
fanaticism and utter bankruptcy of your intellectual ability.
-Srinivas Nagulapalli

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