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Police Claim Dawood's Gang Tried To Kill Shatrughan Sinha

News from News India Times

A gang of contract killers were allegedly offered Rs 2 million 
to murder Bombay city's Bharatiya Janata Party President Ramdass 
Nayak and film star Shatrughan Sinha, by a close associate of 
underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, in April, according to the city police.
Joint Commissioner of City Police M.N. Singh said police have
arrested Mohammed Aslam in Bangalore, who confessed that Chota
Shakeel, a close associate of Dawood, had offered money to 
murder both the personalities.

He said six member of the gang were arrested from different 
parts of the country by the crime branch sleuths.
Nayak was killed in August by unknown gunmen while traveling in 
his car.

While the attempt on Shatrughan Sinha failed because the driver 
of the autorickshaw, in which they were waiting outside Sinha's
residence, developed cold feet and fled when they were about to
shoot the target.

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