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Re: superstitions

In article <37ut7c$1bk@ucunix.san.uc.edu> you wrote:
:         I don't get it. You think Vivekananda promoted "completely ignorant
: views" and you consider him as "idiot", right??

Manish is right.  Vivekananda was an idiot.

: Kudos to your originality
: and irrationality. Without logical, empirical, spiritual and even actual
: experience-based proof to back-up,

Well, irrationality does seem to be one of Manish's problems so let me 
step in.  Heres logical proof.  To teach something you have to understand 
it yourself first.  Vivekananda was a civil servant with not a shred of 
knowledge of Sanskrt.  How can the views of such a person be taken 
seriously on such a complex subject as Vedanta?  Heres empirical proof.  
The membership of the Ramakrishna mission is miniscule compared to 
traditionalist sects.  This even applies in America were presumably more 
modern and less bound by custom.  This suggests that the Vivekanand and his 
view of religious life is rejected by most Hindus.  Spiritual proof.  
Vivekanandas "thought" is supposedly Advaita Vedanta.  Even the most 
ardent Vivekanandist has to admit that this is not true and in fact his 
thought has no relation to the prasthana trayi or the millenium long 
tradition that followed it.  How could it when Vivekananda couldn't even 
read Sanskrit?  However, even illiterate people can understand Dharma if 
they have a Satguru.  Vivekanandas supposed Guru Ramakrishna didn't know 
anything either.  (Remember, he became the pujari of Dakshineshwar 
because he was too feeble-minded to study in his brothers school.)  So if 
the followers of Vivekananda consider themselves to be Vedantins, they 
are lying.  That's not very spiritual is it?  Sorry I can't give you any 
actual-experience proof but I wasn't alive back then. <G>

: calling a person who epitomised one of the
: sublime truths by actually living them and not by mere preaching,

ALL Vivekananda ever did was preach.

: inspire and uplift generations of people who still continue to get succor,
: solace and guidance from the fountain of his teachings. 

The only people who seem to be mentioning Vivekananda much these days are 
the BJP and the VHP.  I thought you were against narrow-minded fanatics?

-- Jaldhar

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