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Ram Dass to lecture in Buffalo!

                Sub-Board I, Gurukul and Nature Present

		 	 1994 Eminent Speaker

  			   R A M   D A S S

 		             HOW CAN I HELP?
	   	   "Relections on Compassionate Action"
  		    Targeted for a University Audience

  			   Monday, Oct 24
  		 	   Knox 20, @7 p.m.

Are you old enough to remember the Alpert scandal of the 60's? Or
have you only heard of him? Read his books? Whatever the case, here's
a great opportunity to listen to a great person and ask your questions.
After about a year of trying to get him, we have finally managed, 
with Sub Board One's help.

The talk is Free to all. Please mark your calendars. Mon@7pm

About RamDass

1931		Born (Richard Alpert)

1950s		studies psychology, specializing in human motivation and
		personality development

1958 - 63   	teaching and researching at Harvard 
		(Dept of Social Relations, Graduate School of Education)

1961		Begins exploration of human consciousness using LSD and
		other psychedelic chemicals, together with Timothy Leary
		Ralph Metzner, Aldous Huxley, Allen Ginsberg and others

		Coauthors "The Psychadelic Experience" and "LSD"

1963		dismissed from Harvard because of controversial nature of

1967		departs for India, where he meets his spiritual teacher

1968		begins practice of yoga, Tibetian, Buddhist, and Zen 
		meditation, Sufi and Jewish traditions

1971		Authors "Be Here Now" (1.2 million copies sold, now in its 
		34th printing)

1974		Creates the Hanuman Foundation to spread spiritual awareness
		and well-being for western cultures

1978		Co-founder of the Seva foundation, an intnl organization 
		working in public health and social justice issues in 
		communities all over the world

1994		Addresses UB

Continuing Activities


		Coauthors "How can I Help ?" (with Paul Gorman, Knopf)
		Used a training manual in colleges, psychiatric care centers,
		nursing schools & volunteer agencies

		Also authors "The Only Dance There Is" (Anchor, Doubleday),
		"Grist for the Mill" (with Stephen Levine, Celestial Arts),
		and many others (include)

Hanuman Foundation

		The Living-dying project for care and support for the 
		terminally ill and dying

		The Prison-Ashram project to help prison inmates grow 
		spiritually during their incarceration

Seva Foundation
		. preventable blindness in India and Nepal
		. sustainable development for Mayan people in Nepal
		. Primary Health care and tribal rights for North American
		  communities in South Dakota and Arizona
		. Homelessness and environmental degradation in the US

		230 cities worldwide, on diverse topics such as:
		. utilizing service as a spiritual path
		. aging and its awakening potential
		. relationship of business and social responsibility
		. personal relationships
		. spiritual awakening and techniques for such
		. social activism

		Co-founder of "Elder Institure Project", which seeks to change
		the culture's prevailing attitudes and myths conerning 
		aging and the role of the aged in society.

		Training of AIDS volunteers


naras-r@acsu.buffalo.edu        If it is to be, it is up to me

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