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Re: superstitions

Vidyasankar Sundaresan (vidya@cco.caltech.edu) wrote:
: In article <37k0tr$p9t@ucunix.san.uc.edu> manish@cadence.com (Manish  
: Tandon) writes:
: > susarla@growler.owlnet.rice.edu (H. Krishna Susarla) wrote:
: > |> Chirag Randeria (esccd@daisy.egr.uh.edu) wrote:
: > |> : hey people, Help me.  I'm trying to write a paper on superstitions  
: in  
: > |> : hinduism, and in the Indian culture. I would appreciate it if  
: anybody out 
: > |> : there will mail me a list of superstitions that they are aware of.  
: > |> 
: > |> One interesting superstition prevalent in Hindu society is that God
: > |> does not exist/or is not personal, and that you can "interpret"
: > |> the scriptures any old way you want and still expect to achieve
: > |> self-realization.
: > |> 
: > |> -- Krishna
: > 
: > That's a good one. 
: > 
: > I've been trying to fight it here for quite some time.
: > 
: > Within the Vedic society, Shankaracharya has been one of the most  
: prominent 
: > persons who promoted the impersonal (mayavadi) view, which was based  
: upon 
: > his obvious misinterpretation of the crystal clear Brahma-sutras.  
: Actually, 
: > the Brahma-sutras are so clear that they dont need any interpretation, 
: > therefore any interpretation is misinterpretation. 
: > 
: > Amazingly, this is the same Shankaracharya who said: 
: > 
: > 	bhaja govindam bhaja gOvindam  bhaja gOvindam mUdamathE  
: > 	"Worship  Govinda,  worship Govinda, Worship Govinda, foolish  
: one!" 
: > and 
: > 	"I desire to be in Vrindavana so that I may sit on the 
: > 	 bank of Yamuna and pass each long day of my life in the 
: > 	 twinkling of an eye, meditating on Lord Krishna." 
: > 					--Abhilasastaka 
: > 

: [Lot of other junk deleted]

: You seem to know a lot about Sankaracharya that even his closest disciples  
: Suresvara and Padmapada didn't. : -). 

: Sankaracharya's interpretations of the Brahmasutras and the Upanishads are  
: extremely orthodox. He does not interpret scriptures any which way he  
: wants. Rather it is the dvaita and the achintya bheda-abheda schools that  
: wilfully misinterpret the scriptures. And for the sake of polemics against  
: Sankara's school, you intentionally misinterpret Sankara too. You quote  
: Sankara whenever it suits you (read, whenever you want to demonstrate the  
: orthodoxy of your views :-) :-)) and revile him at other times. I have  
: already followed up to your articles on s.r.e. on the Chinmaya mission,  
: but you haven't cared to respond to them. Maybe you have some answers  
: here? 

: How blind can one get? Mr. Know it all, please show me how the  
: Brahmasutras are so crytal clear that they need no interpretation? Do you  
: mean to say that Sankara, Ramanuja, Bhaskara, and even Madhva who  
: interpreted these were all fools? Of course you will say that Sankara  
: created all the misunderstanding, and the others after him only tried to  
: clear up the mess he created. In that case, why do all of them also  
: disagree among themselves? Your pride really carries you away. Try giving  
: a literal translation of the Brahmasutras and see if you can understand  
: them without any accompanying explanation. Remember, you are not to use  
: any of the bhashyas available, so that you can be free of any  
: "mis"interpretations. 

: Finally, see if you can convincingly prove how Sankara/advaita is wrong,  
: without quoting the Padmapurana or some such other lame work. A few months  
: ago, we had a major discussion on alt.hindu regarding advaita and  
: visishtadvaita. I am sure you can get copies of all articles from the  
: moderator. Convince yourself that you can explain away all the upanishadic  
: passages quoted therein without recourse to advaita. 

: Note that none of those passages talk of a personal God, let alone  
: Krishna. Both the Personal and the Impersonal are parts of our traditions,  
: and neither of them is a "superstition". It is surprising how people can  
: still be like ostriches with their heads buried in sand. It is sad that  
: you people would jump on some innocuous question about superstitions, to  
: conduct your petty diatribe against advaita. 

: S. Vidyasankar

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people/lets get something straight/we are all Him/the self is him/if one 
is god how is it that god is impersonal/rever the self/moksa awaits

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