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Transfer of Sins?

I attended a religious discourse yesterday.  One thing that I heard 
somewhat surprised me...so here is a question.

In Hindu context, does there exist a concept of Transfer of Sin?

i.e., can a Guru in blessing his/her disciples take away his/her sins
upon himself/herself?

For example, if a disciple is sick or has a disease, 
can a Guru acquire his/her sickness or disease upon himself/herself?

In other words, can be "bad" karmas be transferred from one person
to another?  Can "good" karmas be given to others?

I know that blessing can be given....

Also, I do know that in Christianity, it is believed that Christ 
died for the Sins of mankind.  But does this concept exist in Hindu dharma?

I am looking for scriptural evidence, and examples from ancient Bharatiya
history and not contemporary evidences.

Ajay Shah

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