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Schumer Lashes Out At Islamic Terrorists

Source: News India-Times, New York, October 21, 1994
ountries: India, Pakistan

1. Schumer Lashes Out At Islamic Terrorists

Representative Charles E. Schumer, a Democrat from New York 
state, has said that under the newly enacted crime bill it would be
illegal to transfer funds collected on American soil and use 
them for terrorist activities abroad.

In a chat with News India-Times, the senior congressman 
requested President Clinton to direct FBI to prevent any group from 
funding terrorism in foreign countries.

Referring to escalation of Islamic fundamentalism in Jammu and
Kashmir, Schumer urged the president to take "swift, certain, 
and relentless action against those practicing terrorism. We must 
not permit those who practice it to gain a toehold on our own 
soil." The Kashmir issue, he said, should be resolved by following 
Simla Agreement. State-sponsored terrorism either by Tehran or 
Islamabad should not be allowed, he said.

Schumer said he would take up the Clinton administration the 
issue of appointing Indian-Americans in top posts.

(From: MNS post by From: jperry@pipeline.com (John Perry, News India-Times)

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