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Temple to be built: Sringeri Acharya

[From MNS/News India Times]

7. Temple To Be Built Despite Courts Adverse Ruling: Hindu Seer

Sankaracharya Bharati Thirth of Sringeri Mutt yesterday said 
that Supreme Court's opinion on the Ayodhya would not have any 
adverse impact on the construction of Ram Temple. He said the temple 
will be built on the disputed structure irrespective of apex court's 

The Sankaracharya, who is one of the members of the Ram 
Janmabhoomi Ramalaya Trust constituted recently, said the Supreme Court has
been asked only to advise whether a Hindu Temple existed at the
disputed site prior to the construction of the Babri Mosque.
Hence, the seer said, there would be no effect of any adverse
ruling by the apex court on the construction of Ram Temple at 
the site where the disputed structure was razed to the ground.

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