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Re: superstitions

In article #1375, Mani Varadarajan <mani@srirangam.esd.sgi.com> writes:
|> This is as false a statement as Manish Tandon's original arguments
|> setting forth the "crystal-clear" nature of the Brahma-Sutras.  

Mani, I dont know whether to refute you or support you because overall you did
say things which I believe are true, "his undisputed works leave little doubt 
that he was a Vaishnava" and "I think we can see that the highest form of 
Jnaana *is* Bhakti, which directly leads to salvation".  

In my response to Jaldhar, I cited the verse from Bahagavad Gita 'sarva 
dharman parityajya...' (in fact there are many more) which clearly show 
that Bhakti is infact the mature fruit of all knowledge.

However I would still say your accusitions over my background/information are
unfounded. I have written very elaborate articles on the matter of Advaita,
Dvaita and Acinty-bhedabheda tatva, with enough scriptural and logical
support, actually a lot of it has not even been posted, because I post stuff
as is needed to answer the question or settle the dispute in hand.  Also, I
cannot write _all_ the matter in every posting since that would make the 
posting 5000+ lines and no one will ever read it!

As for the clear nature of Brahma-Sutras, I uphold my opinion as is. Any 
educated person with a reasonably theistic background and an open mind can 
make good sense out of the sutras (with correct translation, off course).

I recently posted an article "Then Material Mind" which generated a lot of
response from several people with the regular scientific/agnostic/hedonist 
background and to many of them (all Americans), I successfully  showed HOW  
the sanatana dharma is more Scientific than Science itself based *solely*
upon the logic of the sutra 'athato brhma-jijnasa'.

Mind you, I did not use anything from the scriptures aside from this sutra.


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