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Schrodinger's View...

Has anyone read Erwin Schrodinger's "My View of the World" ?
It's basically two essays written 30 years apartthe first
written just after his Nobel Prize) which both reach Vedic
conclusions about the universe. In fact, this founding 
father of Quantum Mechanics explicitly says his view is
the Vedic view. The first essay is on Moral Law, the 
second on the nature of the universe entitled "What is
Real?". This was particularly interesting as he discussed
non-duality and plurality, concluding on the intrinsic
"emptiness" of all that is perceived. (Probably not
a surprising conclusion for someone who developed the 
equation that bears his name!) 
I'd like to hear from anyone who has an opinion about the
above work. I'd also like to hear fif anyone has anything to
say about the possibility that the ideas of modern physical
theory may converge to Vedic ones. (Personally I'm not really
sure about this last idea, as it has been popular to draw
all sorts of parallels between the Indian view and modern science).
Nevertheless it is interesting when an intellect of Schrodinger's
calibre reaches Vedic  conclusions while pursuing his own method
of inquiry. 

(If the last paragraph sounded really naive, its because I'm
an undergrad trying to sound like I know what I'm talking about!)
Look foward to hearing from you...

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