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What is superior?

Jaldhar and others fighting over whether bhakti or jnana is superior, here 
is an important point (I think) to consider. 

There are sahastra (1000) chatur-yugas (yuga-cycles) in a kalpa (day of 
Brahma) and Brahma lives for a 100 years! One chatur-yuga is about 6.4 million 
years (as experienced on earth) and so Brahma lives for a total of about 
0.5 trillion earthly years!!!  (someone please check the numbers)  

And to add spice to that, there have been countless Brahmas!!!!!  Srimad 
Bhagvatam tells that compared to eternity, the duration of Brahma's life is 
merely a flash!! 

So no one can tell when it all began. Srila Prabhupada actually said that 
the important point is to realize that we are fallen and that we must try 
to get out of this miserable situation.  

The fact that we are still struggling here (fighting on alt.hindu :-)) after 
zillions of yuga-cycles and trying various yogas (including bhakti and jnana) 
countless times and failing every time itself implies that we are infact 
very weak and ignorant. 

However, here is one more opportunity. So, Jaldhar, I suggest that for now 
we concentrate on working on getting out of this miserable situation. 

We will (if you like) continue our debate after liberation!!!!!!!! 

See you there!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

>>>> SARCASM = ON 

ring. ring. 
[] "Impersonal Brahman, this is Shankaracharya, how can I help you?" 
[Me] "Hey Shankara, we are having a debate here on alt.hindu, down on the 
      earth, and we wanted to know if the jivatmas entering the Impersonal 
      Brahman are allowed to enter into debates after merging." 
[Shankara] "No Sir. We strictly require that the jivatmas surrender their 
	    individual identities, including their SS# and internet address, 
	    prior to merging." 
[Me] "How is it that you still answered the call as Shankaracharya?" 

ring. ring. 
[recorded message] "You have reached the Impersonal Brahman. The office is 
		    now closed. We will reopen on the first day of the next 
		    Sata-yuga at 9:00 am. In case of an emergancy, please 
		    call the Universal Toll Free #  1-800-HARE-KRISHNA. 
		    Thank you and have a good day. 


Dear sages of the advaita school, before flamming me for the pun intended in 
here, please read the verse 13.13 in the Bhagavad Gita. 

Manish Tandon 

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