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Re: superstitions

In article <38houi$he9@ucunix.san.uc.edu> you wrote:

: I think he meant to say "Bengalis who worship demigods like Kali,

Now where did you get this concept of demigods?  There is no Sanskrt 
equivalent in concept to demigod.  The Markandeya Purana (which was 
written by Ved Vyas) proclaims Durga Mata to be the supreme divinity.  
The Vayu Purana (also written by Ved Vyas) says the same about Shiva 
bhagavan.  Are you telling me these are not authoritative shastras.

: even those who pretend to be brahmanas, tend to eat meat and fish."

The only people who pretend to be Brahmans are your Hare Krishna crowd.  

: The Gaudiya Vaisnava tradition grew up in Bengal and Orissa
: and has nothing to do with meat and fish. The overwhelming majority
: of Bengalis in towns like Nabadwip are devotees of Krishna and
: Gauranga (Chaitanya). 

Right and what's the population of Nabadwip compared to Calcutta?  
Vegetarians are a minority in Bengal and all the provinces around it.

: And there are prominent Gaudiya Vaisnava
: organizations outside of Bengal and Orissa too -- Gaudiya Matha
: throughout India and ISKCON throughout the world.

Prominent???  ISKCON is a shadow of it's former self.  Most of the 
Hippies who joined it in the 60's have grown up and left it.  The only 
thing keeping it afloat is the influx of Indian immigrants.  And these 
traditional-minded people will have nothing to do with the more 
ridiculous aspects of your philosophy.  This is exactly what happened at 
the mandir I attend in Jersey City.  It was originally founded by ISKCON 
but soon declined.  It was saved by the large number of Gujaratis who 
were moving into the area.  Once they learned a bit more about your 
"sublime teachings" they threw your people out.  Now the mandir follows 
the Pushti Marg of Vallabh.

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