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Swami Dayananda Saraswati's talk

Namaste Friends,
I am happy to inform you that the talk on Oct 22nd by his hoiliness 
Swami Dayananda Saraswati was great. The Hall was packed to full capacity. 
Swamiji in his usual humorous style explained how living is an art.
In our life we have to play roles for eg with respect to my father, mother
I am a son. with respect to my son I am a Father. Similar in the office I am 
a worker at homw I am a Husband. The challenge of life is to play these roles
just like an actor plays any role on the stage . Then only we can "Art of 
Living" . Living is an art when you accept the challenge of each role that
you have to play and do so . But most of us forget that we play only roles
and confuse ourselves as the roles. In the office instead of a worker I am
a husband , at home istead of a husband I am a officer. This " hangover"
leads to confusion , and then we start blaming the society etc.
We have to realise that we are simply consciousness and keeping this in mind
we must have that space between ourselves and the role we play. Once we do that
we can play every role completely and life is than a challenge.
I would like to thank Swamiji for taking all the pains to come down to Rutgers
and the Arsha Vidya Gurukulam ( Pennslyvania, Saylorsburg).
There were about 150 people and it had both parents and students listening
to Swamiji's talk.
I apologise for spelling, grammatical mistakes.
with love,
P.S. the HSC coordinators, Beena Jani, Chetan Seshadri and Vandana Kataria
did most of the hard work in arranging this talk. 

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