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Thakar Singh on the Vegetarian Diet (fwd)

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 Many look upon Thakar Singh of Delhi, India, as a spiritual
 adept, a holy man, or a master (please no flames). He was asked
 by one of his students in an interview on June 29, 1994, in
 Kinderhook, New York, USA, about the vegetarian diet. I thought
 a part of the interview might be interesting to some (but of
 course not to all) readers of rec.food.veg, as it talks about
 karmic reasons for eating vegetarian food. Enjoy!

 Question: Master, we all know that it's very crucial to abstain
 from the eating of meat because this increases our karmas, but
 can you explain in more detail the reasons for becoming

 Thakar Singh: We are not to increase our burden of karmas, as
 you have already said. There is value in every kind of thing we
 use in this world. The air we use, we have to pay for. The water
 we use, we have to pay for. The light of sun or moon is also not
 free for us, and this green grass is also to be paid
 for---nothing is free.

 If you are to make a house, you don't make it of gold or silver
 or jewels. That will still be just a house, nothing very
 special. If you can make the house of stone---it is very easy
 and very inexpensive---then why don't you make the house of
 stone and brick instead of gold? In the same way, if we can
 maintain our life very simply, with the lower cost of this
 greenery, then why should we attract so much burden and payment
 of karma? Life goes on in the creeping worms but there is great
 difference of payment of life. We are not allowed to use
 anything that creeps on the earth. We are only allowed to have
 the fruit of the trees and whatever is grown on the table of
 this earth, that God had been wise enough to guide us and tell
 us what is most useful so that we can maintain our life with the
 least burden.

 God did not really say that it is burden-less or is all free. He
 has never explained it like this, but He has allowed us to have
 these lower forms because with our meditations we can release
 ourselves very quickly and easily and therefore we will not
 burden ourselves.

 Some other complications are also there, as now scientists have
 come to know that all the living beings have some kind of minds
 and feelings and when they are a little disturbed, their whole
 nervous system is disturbed and so many poisons are coming up
 and growing in them. If you die in that state you will also
 suffer very much. As with those people who commit suicide, the
 condition of the mind at that time is really very hard, very
 horrible.  If a person has committed suicide in that condition
 of the heart then that condition will continue for a very long
 time and that person will have to suffer.

 This is also the case with people who eat animals. Their nervous
 systems have been disturbed very much. Even if you look at an
 animal that has been killed you will be affected; your nervous
 system will be disturbed and you will lose so much peace; you
 will not feel good and your heart will be affected by it. Look
 at a dying fish. It is out of water and if you look at it, for
 one or two hours or even some days your heart will not feel
 good.  It will think of the condition of that fish and it will
 feel horrible and will be in some kind of hard state. For months
 even this state of mind will continue. Maybe after a long time
 you will forget this scene and its effect will be gone from your
 heart and you cannot remember it----still it has its effect. If
 just looking at a dead fish causes this then what will be the
 case when we eat it and all these vibrations enter into our
 system. So many diseases will come up and our mental systems
 will be disturbed.

 But when we eat some greenery or fruit everything is wonderful.
 If you look at fruit that is ripe the colors tell you so
 wonderfully that it is ripe. A fragrance is also available and
 when you smell it you enjoy it and even when you remember the
 smell you can enjoy.  Your heart is also enjoying and your mind
 and body are at peace.

 So my dear, God has all sympathy for us and if He has
 recommended some things for us then we should accept them and we
 should not impose our minds and intellects into His wisdom. That
 is why in the Bible and all other scriptures man has been very
 clearly told, "don't do this---do only this." Everything is
 clearly explained to us. Why don't we accept these commandments?
 If we do not accept them there will be some difficulty. So let
 us accept them and then after some time when you are lifted up
 you will see how horrible it was.

 Question: You have very clearly explained the need for the
 vegetarian diet, but one thing many people have asked about is
 eggs, and unfertilized eggs.  Why not these?

 Thakar Singh: An egg is a child in the womb of the mother. You
 understand? If the womb of the mother or an egg is used, it is
 the same thing. An egg needs 20 or 28 days and the womb needs
 nine months, but both are a process in which the child is
 completed. When we break the egg or hurt it, the inner life of
 the being who was to find life is killed.  Abortion is also not
 allowed. It may be that so many governments have allowed that it
 is legal, but it is not legal in the Kingdom of God.  Those laws
 are still there.

 Previously the laws in this world were made in consultation with
 the Saints and Masters, that those people who live in this world
 should only act in accordance with the rules in the Kingdom of
 God. The same ruler of the Kingdom of God should be supported
 here. Anything opposite should not be done here---some
 cooperation should exist. As long as the Saints and Masters were
 consulted the things went on normally, properly. But afterwards
 the people had their own minds and they could not understand and
 now they have allowed abortion also. So this will remain
 illegal. So if we break the egg and use it, it is also a crime.

 Question: Is it also then a sin to eat a carrot? Some claim
 there is a payment to be made in eating vegetables.

 Thakar Singh: There is a karma in everything, but very little
 karma is there in eating vegetables or fruit. This is very small
 and can be paid off.  It has to be paid off, you can't be free
 of that either.
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