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Responding to the text requests

In my article I asked if I could help you with quotations.
But many people misunderstood it to mean that I have the texts
on line. That is not true. I have the actual vedas and have 
resources that can help me access books of many kinds. 

For example If you were looking for the "Nasadiya Sukta" of the 
Rigveda in which is the basis of philosophy of later hindu 
speculation on creation then I can post this sukta which is the 
129th of the tenth Book of the Rigveda:

The first verse is:

naasadaasiinno sadaasiittadaanim naasiidrajo no vyomaa paro yat|
kim aavariivah kuh kasya sharmannambhah kim aasiid gahanam gabhiiram||

(don't think that my keys are stuck its just the vowel elongated)

Or the verse that is popular to extoll the glories of Indra which
is the 12th sukta of the second Book of the Rigveda:

The first verse of this sukta is:

yo jaata eva prathamo manasvaan devo devaan kratunaa paryabhuushhat|
yasya shushhmaadrodasii abhyasetaam n(ri)mNasya mahnaa sa janaasa indrah||

(where (ri) is the vowel ri as that in rigveda and N is the n after the 
first set of T TH D DH N (palatal) after which would be the second 
set of dental t th d dh n)

If I can be such assistance then contact me and please be specific about it.
Here are the responses to the letters I have received so far.

>From: Suresh Doki <sdoki@owl.WPI.EDU>
>Do you have the stuff online? If so could you mail them to me? Also
>I work in Piscateway and I noticed that you are at Rutgers. So if you
>have them as hardcopies, I could come over sometime to check them out.

I wrote a letter to you about my whereabouts.  You can contact me.

>From: c1raghav@watson.ibm.com (Raghavendra C. Swamy)
>Dear Niki,
>Yes, I am very much interested in texts of vedas and generally in great
>treasure of Sanskrit literature. Please let me know how can I get it from U.

 Please be specific about it.

From: phil.buzard@exchange.exchange.com (Phil Buzard)

NI> If you wish to see ancient texts of some rare books like the
NI> Vedas or quotings of such sorts contact me at
NI> nikishah@eden.rutgers.edu

 You have peeked my interest.
 I've studied yoga and Indian philosophy for many years.
One of my biggest problems is getting translations in English of many
of the ancient texts.
 I am currently writing a translation of Pantajali's Yoga Sutras with
commentary for the modern American.
 If you can help me with finding what I need please let me know. I will
be glad to send a list of what I need if you reply that you can help me.
 Of course if you have other material send a list.
Thank You,

Phil Buzard

I have a translation personally and can find several versions. What 
in particular is that you are looking for.

Reply-To: ASINGHAL@wtamu-pclab.wtamu.edu

I am an Indian student studying here in the US for the last three 
years.  In the past 3 years, I have come in contact with many 
christians and people of other faiths who have asked me about mine.
I have come to realise that when it comes to what the hindu 
scriptures say, my knowledge is practically nothing.  

I am trying to find any and all sources of texts that I could read 
which could enlighten me on the basis and foundations of Hinduism and 
it's beliefs.  If you could help me any in this, I'd be very grateful.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Contact South Asia books if you are looking for actual books the are 
in Missouri.  If looking for rarer books contact Motilal Banarsidass 
they are in New Delhi, Bombay and many other cities in India.

From: delash <pateld@cs.man.ac.uk>

I would very much like to see those texts that you write about.

Be specific.

(I would like to post the fortieth chapter of the Yajurveda known as 
Isopanishad next time which will be posted under that title if you wish
to read it)

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