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Re: superstitions

In article <38p1nc$fa6@ucunix.san.uc.edu>, vidya@cco.caltech.edu (Vidyasankar Sundaresan) writes:
|> > in the list of crystal clear texts are the Vedas, the Puranas devoted
|> 						    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
|> > to Lord Vishnu, and the original Ramayana. The same phrase was repeated
|>   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
|> I see. So why aren't the Puranas not devoted to Lord Vishnu included here?

I suppose because they are not crystal clear. But you could
have figured that one out on your own.

|> And who decides what the original Ramayana is? Bhandarkar Oriental  
|> Research Institute? 
|> It is very easy to claim anything from any Purana. I know of cases where  
|> verses have been quoted from so and so Purana, for some absurd reason or  
|> the other, and later scholarly evaluation of all available manuscripts  
|> does not show any evidence of such verses. For a long time now, sectarians  
|> like you have been working overtime, to interpolate verses suited to your  
|> own vested interests in various Puranas, and then conveniently claiming  
|> Vyasa to be their author. Precisely the reason why they are subordinated  
|> to Sruti in the orthodox tradition. So your so called support from the

Vaisnavas accept smrti as well; so do Smartas, who follow Sankara.

But I'll quote some sruti for you

Rg Veda: om tad visnoh paramam padam sada pasyanti surayah
	"All the demigods are constantly looking to the supreme feet
	of Lord Vishnu"

Atharva Veda: From Narayana comes Brahma, from Narayana comes
	Rudra, from Narayana comes Indra, the cosmic manifestation,

Narayana Upanishad: The son of Devaki is the same Narayana

|> So Prakasananda was converted by Chaitanya and commented on Sankara's  
|> work, and you mean he is the final word on the subject? What happens to  
|> the intelligence that you are told to rely upon? Why should the opinions  
|> of a few biased sectarians matter to a larger set of people?

The point was simple -- he was a very advanced leader in the Sankara
sect but he later accepted his natural Vaisnava position. He had a very
high level of jnana, and once he learned of the supremacy of bhakti
he quickly saw that Sankara's writing was misleading.

|> Your statements about the crystal clear nature of the texts, and their not  
|> needing any explanation, are awfully close to the Muslim claims about the  
|> Koran. Little wonder that you are as fanatic in your sectarianism, as most  
|> Muslims are about Islam.

Or as sectarian as math majors are when they fanatically argue
that "2+2=4 dammit! I know it is." There's no sectarianism in the

|> Further proof that the Padma Purana (or at least these verses) have been  
|> written by a later scholar who had all his teeth intact (sans wisdom  
|> teeth, I suppose). Description of advaita as "prachanna bauddham" alone  
|> proves this. For more comments on the Padma Purana, read my responses to

In what way does it prove it?

|> S. Vidyasankar

-- Vijay

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