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Re: superstitions

Vidyasankar Sundaresan (vidya@cco.caltech.edu) wrote:

: So what is your opinion about the Sants and the sannyasis, mostly  
: belonging to the dvaita sampradayas, who are so active in the VHP  
: nowadays? They are all trying to outdo one another in being  

Not a particularly favorable one... 

: nationalistic/political leaders. Aren't they swamis for you? Of course I  

No, especially if they are espousing political goals.

: do not expect you to be consistent, but at least try to be so, for your  
: own good. In any case you do not get to decide whether Vivekananda did or  
: did not make a show of being a swami. 

Lord Krishna already decided. His philosophy is there in the Gita for 
everyone to see. And it is clear that Vivekananda did not follow it,
at least on the meat-eating question.

: If you are convinced about your faith in Krishna and the BG, why do you  
: care about the non-vegetarians in the world? Surely, you cannot hope to  
: convert them by being so abrasive about your beliefs. Fine, Vivekananada  
: was not a devotee of Lord Krishna, because of his eating meat. So what?  
: Why do you care? Whoever asked you to be concerned with Vivekananda or  
: anyone else? Leave him alone and follow your own path. Or is the real  

I care because these meat-eating Hindus try to reinterpret scriptures
to justify their beliefs, thus deluding others. Anytime one of these
mayavadis makes some speculation about the Vedic philsopophy, I consider
it open season for discussion with verses from the scriptures to prove
Lord Krishna's opinion.

: reason that you are jealous of the visibility of the Ramakrishna Mission? 

<sigh> This is too stupid to address. All I see on this thread (other
than Vijay, Vivek, and Manish's postings) are a bunch of mayavadis getting
offended at the very notion that their religious culture *is* centered around
an Absolute Truth. Is this the stamp of post-colonial shame that the British
inflicted on our culture? Or could it be the desire to continue sinful practices
(like meat-eating) without feelings of guilt?

-- Krishna

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