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In article <38p3mn$kis@ucunix.san.uc.edu>, srinivas@Glue.umd.edu (Nagulapalli Srinivas) writes:
|>  Yes, he did eat meat. But only to save his body in inclement weather when
|> he came here

This ardent follower of Vivekananda would almost have us believe in his
concoted story, BUT...

Vivekananda himself said he ate meat so as not to upset his hosts!!!!

Srinivas, I have not heard of a _single_ case in the history of this
country where someone died because of not eating meat. There has always
been an abundance of fruits, vegetables, dairy, etc. here.

Mahatma Gandhi survived in the winter of England without any Fur coats. In
fact he said he would not cover his body unless ever single countrymen in
India has the opportunity to do so.

Srila Prabhupada suffered *two* heartattacks on the ship on his way to US. 
Still he came here and started the International Society for Krishna
Consciousness which lives to his full glorry throught the world despite all
the attacks from various pseudo-religious (aka anti-cult) groups.

Srinivas Nagulapalli, it take spiritual strength (which come from unflinching
devotion to the Supreme Lord) to survive.

Statements like "he did eat meat. But only to save his body" have their roots
in the atheistic/hedonistic philosophy.

Also Vivekananda used to smoke.

Vivekananda was a Hedonist.

Jaldhar Vyas <jvyas@ritz.mordor.com> wrote:
>>Manish is right. Vivekananda was an Idiot.
>>All Vivekananda ever did was preach.

Thank you Jaldhar.

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