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Re: superstitions

On Mon, 7 Nov 1994, Manish Tandon wrote:

> :And remember, YOU started the name calling in this thread.  ("Vivekanand 
> :was an idiot.")
> Aha. in response to Srinivas' response to my post, you wrote:
> > Manish is right. Vivekanand was an idiot.
> what happened to your intelligence back then??
> and I thought your were into practicing 'jnana-yoga'.
> ***This _demonstrates_ the _progress_ you have made so far***
> You have a long way to go Jaldhar.

Not nearly as far as you.  Really Manish, your capacity for missing the 
obvious is astounding.  All _I_ said is you started the name calling.  Is 
this or is this not true?

-- Jaldhar

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