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Re: Vivekananda

In article# 1517 manish@cadence.com (Manish Tandon) writes:
>Vivekananda himself said he ate meat so as not to upset his hosts!!!!
>Statements like "he did eat meat. But only to save his body" have their roots
>in the atheistic/hedonistic philosophy.
>Also Vivekananda used to smoke.
>Vivekananda was a Hedonist.
So what?? Vivekananda also did many good things. Why should we not take
anything good from him and leave anything we do not like and become in fact
better than him?? Also tell me who did not make mistakes?? Even Lord Krishna
stole butter and did not stop even after complaints!!! So what?? Why should
we sit in judgements of others?? If there is something good, we can use it
and after all Gita is addressed only to the Arjuna within us and to improve
ourselves. Gita is not a election manifesto or a political agenda that
can be used to judge others and call others names. My professor used to
misspell even common names, but he was a brilliant mathematician. So should
I criticise and condemn his failure to spell things correctly or even his
grammer OR should I focus on what I can learn from him and try to become
something better than him??? What is the point???
-Srinivas Nagulapalli

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