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All kings occupying  the Earth in the Kaliyug  will be wanting in
tranquility,  strong in  anger, taking  pleasure at  all times in
lying  and dishonesty,  inflicting death  on women,  children and
cows,  prone  to  take  the  paltry  possessions  of others, with
character that is mostly Tamas, rising to power and soon falling.
They will be short-lived, ambitious, of little virtue and greedy.
People will follow the customs  of others and be adulterated with
them;  peculiar,  undisciplined  barbarians  will  be  vigorously
supported  by  the  rulers.  Because   they  go  on  living  with
perversion,  they will  be ruined.  The destruction  of the world
will  occur  because  of  the  departure  from virtue and profit,
little by little,  day by day.  Money alone will confer nobility.
Power will be the sole definition of virtue. Pleasure will be the
only  reason  for  marriage.  Lust  will  be  the only reason for
womanhood. Falsehood will win out in disputes. Being dry of water
will be the only definition of land. The sacred thread alone will
distinguish  Brahmins.  Praiseworthiness   will  be  measured  by
accumulated wealth.  Wearing the Linga  will be sufficient  cause
for  religious  retreat.  Impropriety  will  be  considered  good
conduct, and only feebleness will be the reason for unemployment.
Boldness  and arrogance  will become  equivalent to  scholarship.
Only  those without  wealth will  show honesty.  Just a bath will
amount  to purification,  and charity  will be  the only  virtue.
Abduction  will  be  marriage.  Simply  to  be well- dressed will
signify propriety. And  any water hard to reach  will be deemed a
pilgrimage site. The  pretense of greatness will be  the proof of
it, and powerful  men with many severe faults  will rule over all
the  classes  on  earth.  Oppressed  by  their excessively greedy
rulers, people will hide in  valleys between mountains where they
will  gather honey,  vegetables,  roots,  fruits, flowers  and so
forth. Suffering from cold, wind, heat and rain, they will put on
clothes made  of tree-bark and  leaves. And no  one will live  as
long as  twenty-three years.  Thus in the Kaliyug, humankind will
be utterly destroyed.
::        Based on a translation of the Vishnu Puran(a)        ::
::        by Cornelia Dimmitt and J.A.B.van Buitenen in        ::
::     Classical Hindu Mythology, Temple University Press      ::
::           Philadelphia, 1978, ISBN 0-87722-117-0            ::
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