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Re: superstitions

Rajan P. Parrikar (parrikar@spot.Colorado.EDU) wrote:

: They have only one vice: They don't know what the hell they're
: talking about:-)

And I suppose you do?

: Of all the things that bothered me, none was as troubling as their
: "our way is the only way and all others are wrong" rhetoric. This
: attitude runs totally counter to the Hindu tradition of allowing for 
: a multiplicity of views and instead sounds more like the Christian 
: missionary or Islamic way of doing business.

The Hare Krishnas follow the Vedic tradition, in which there exists a
consistent interpretation of God and the scriptures. This is totally
different from the Hindu tradition, with it's "everything is okay"

The "our way" theory which you put forward does not describe the Hare
Krishnas. The difference between the Vedic religion and practictioners
of other religions is that the others propagate "everyone else is going
to hell" while the Hare Krishnas understand that other religions are
present on the Earth to reestablish religious principles and bring people
back into Krishna-consciousness. In fact, we have a number of devotees
who were former Christians and find absolutely no conflict between the
biblical philosophy and Vedic philosophy; they only find problems with
modern day Christians' interpretations of the Bible (such as the idea
that meat-eating is okay).  

: The organisation he founded is today a ragtag and bobtail outfit peopled 
: by a bunch of mostly unintelligent and supremely ignorant dummies. 

Unintelligent? That's funny. Among the movement's more prominent devotees
are Hridayananda Dasa, professor of Indian Studies at Harvard, and
Sadaputa Dasa, matematics PhD from Cornell U.

: Ignorance, per se, wouldn't be all that bad if only the Krishnas hadn't
: their truckload of arrogance to go with it.

The only one here who seems to be displaying any arrogance is you. The
HK's really believe in what they say, and because they speak with
conviction you call them arrogant?

: HK dudes, don't get hyper about all this. I have some words of advice
: for you fellows. All for free!
: Learn to countenance diverse viewpoints, debate them civilly and
: rationally, read a book or two written by a non-Prabhupada:-), don't

Well, i have read many non-ISKCON books (including works by Vivekananda
and Chinmayananda) and I still find Swami Prabhupada's books to be the
most scholarly. 

Maybe YOU should drop your condescending airs and pick up his translation
of Bhagavad-Gita As It Is before ridiculing the whole movement. 

-- Krishna

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