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Re: superstitions

You people are weird.  My secretary asks a simple question (concerning  
Superstition) & you anal people go crazy with it.  This is so Hindu.  For  
some reason however, I seem to like it.  The reason being that it's better  
to have Hindus yelling and fighting than sitting around like mutton (i.e.,  
dead meat, which unfortunately describes too many hindus.).  There is a  
limit, and there are more productive ways to argue, however.  You  
nose-picking, 4-eyed cyber-geeks have not FOUND THE PATH!  Go read the  
Gita.  & get some exercise.  You're all looking pale (& that's a hell of  
an accomplishment for a bunch of brown people.).

Desh Deepak Srivastva
President, Hindu Students Council at Uni. of Houston

We discussed this topic already.  You can ALL shut up now!
The next one's Vegetarianism.  I'm going to regret this but...
	You guys got any thoughts?  (Not that we'll use them.)

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