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Re: Is this irreligious?

Regarding Siva, Manish Tandon (manish@cadence.com) foams at the mouth:
> vidya@cco.caltech.edu (Vidyasankar Sundaresan) writes:
> |> As usual, you are again completely wrong. Read the Sri Rudram section of  
> |> the Yajur Veda and the SvetASvatara upanishad. 
> |> 
> |> S. Vidyasankar
> No, as usual, *you* are completely wrong AND despite my specifically
> requesting that people post their so called references on the news group,
> *you* didn't do it.
> May I ask why??

How can you say that Vidya is wrong when he has pointed out
a "crystal clear" reference to you and you ignore his advice
to look it up? 

It looks like you are becoming a Hare Krishna version of Meenan
Vishnu.  Rather than calmly reading the SvetASvatara Upanishad
and *then* trying to understand it from a Vaishnava viewpoint
(which, I assure you, is quite possible), you resort to attacking
Vidya once again.

I suppose you follow the great tradition of calling people
who disagree with you "rascals" and "idiots", words that certain
swamis have used quite often in their works. You accomplish
nothing, and I am ashamed to hear you call yourself a fellow


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