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Mohan V Draksharam (mvd41174@olive.egr.uh.edu) wrote:
: You people are weird.  My secretary asks a simple question (concerning  
: Superstition) & you anal people go crazy with it.  This is so Hindu.  For  
: some reason however, I seem to like it.  The reason being that it's better  
: to have Hindus yelling and fighting than sitting around like mutton (i.e.,  
: dead meat, which unfortunately describes too many hindus.).  There is a  
: limit, and there are more productive ways to argue, however.  You  
: nose-picking, 4-eyed cyber-geeks have not FOUND THE PATH!  Go read the  
: Gita.  & get some exercise.  You're all looking pale (& that's a hell of  
: an accomplishment for a bunch of brown people.).

: Desh Deepak Srivastva
: President, Hindu Students Council at Uni. of Houston

Ahhh, yes, the venerable HSC enters into the fray. The same HSC that
sings the praises of chain-smoking, pseudo-swami Vivekananda, and
half of whose members eat beef... 
With posts like the above, I would think that this group was 
unmoderated. If it's okay to post this sort of nonsense which
is absolutely devoid of anything resembling an intelligent
argument (and thus lacking in debate value), I have to ask:
What is the purpose of having a moderator here??? Well, Mr.
Ajay Shah, do you want to answer this?

Hmmm, and to think I once expressed an interest in joining
HSC. But if I were an HSC member now, after seeing this
representative mentality of the organization's leadership,
I would be pretty ashamed. 

-- Krishna Susarla
   A devotee with no special title to flaunt

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