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Re: Is this irreligious?

In article <39uk1o$rsf@ucunix.san.uc.edu>,
Mani Varadarajan  <mani@srirangam.esd.sgi.com> wrote:
>Regarding Siva, Manish Tandon (manish@cadence.com) foams at the mouth:
>> vidya@cco.caltech.edu (Vidyasankar Sundaresan) writes:
>> |> As usual, you are again completely wrong. Read the Sri Rudram section of  
>> |> the Yajur Veda and the SvetASvatara upanishad. 
>> |> 
>> |> S. Vidyasankar
>> No, as usual, *you* are completely wrong AND despite my specifically
>> requesting that people post their so called references on the news group,
>> *you* didn't do it.
>> May I ask why??
>How can you say that Vidya is wrong when he has pointed out
>a "crystal clear" reference to you and you ignore his advice
>to look it up?

Did he say he didn't look it up? It looked to me like he did look
it up and _then_ disagreed with Vidya. I know that that's what
I did (although, it's true, I didn't find a copy of SvetASvatara
upanishad that is authoritative from a Gaudiya point of view.)

>I suppose you follow the great tradition of calling people
>who disagree with you "rascals" and "idiots", words that certain
>swamis have used quite often in their works. You accomplish
>nothing, and I am ashamed to hear you call yourself a fellow

The certain swami you criticize here is Srila Prabhupada. You
should, of course, know that he received shehnai band & utsav
receptions at Sri Vaishnava temples like Sri Ranganath at Nellore.
And he was also given a grand reception at Simhacalam.

I am sure the Sri Vaishnavas would be similarly ashamed to hear
you call yourself one of them. Ramanuja never tolerated mayavad:
he was a digvijay, conquering all his opponents in all directions.
It's a shame that his "followers" won't let the same be done
on the net.


-- Vijay

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