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Re: Vivekananda - 2

In article <39uinc$ptb@ucunix.san.uc.edu>,
Nagulapalli Srinivas <srinivas@Glue.umd.edu> wrote:
>In article 1515, manish@cadence.com  writes:
>In article <38p3mn$kis@ucunix.san.uc.edu>, srinivas@Glue.umd.edu (Nagulapalli Sr
>inivas) writes:
>|>Is not "Jana" Seva "Janardhana Seva"?? You analyse.
>>A lot of people talk about "Service to man is service to God."

[lots deleted]

>choose Krishna, it is all the more best. Watch Him. Born in prison and brought
>up by Yashoda, His life is full of making others happy. He did not teach verses
>to Gopikas, but made them laugh and cheerful everday and when demons like
>Poothana came, took them to task and protected the BODIES of the rest.
>He did not kill Kamsa to get even with the grudges and suffering he caused
>to his parents or Himself, but only when it was necessary to do it to
>protect MANY other BODIES from his tyranny and misery. Even in the Raja suya
>Yaga, eventhough He is Purushothama, He showed what humbleness is by washing
>the feet of all the sages and serving them. It only shows, WORKING for
>LIBERATION is NOT divorced from service to society and I do mean the
[stuff deleted] 
>what Moksha means only when we atleast know who WE are really in the first
>place.  Also, no amount of philosophy is any substitute to actual service,
>as even Krishna Himself served everyone, and explained the profound
>philosphy of Gita - NOT in the halls of school or caves of Himalayas,
>but in the dynamic field of action of war-front when armies were arrayed
>against one another, for and against righteousness.
>-Srinivas Nagulapalli

ok -- so the fundamental problem here is that Srinivas has
(probably by no fault of his own except enamorment with
the teachings of prominent mayavadis like Vivekananda) mistaken
material bodies for spiritual bodies, and material service
for spiritual service.

Material bodies: those under the influence of the 3 modes of nature
Spiritual bodies: those of Lord Krishna and his eternal associates (such
	as, for example, the gopis of Vrindavan)

Material service: building nice hospitals for curing leprosy (very good
	material service). Giving associated medicine & treatment,
	in doses according to the patient's needs.
Spiritual service: building temples to cure the real disease -- the
	belief that we are associated with this body and have the right
	to lord over material nature. Giving associated medicine (chanting
	the names of Krishna) in doses according to the patient's needs.
	A person may have leprosy for 40,50 years max, but has had this
	other disease for billions and billions of years, life after life,
	and that is the one worth curing.

The Gaudiyas, for example, have never taken to the caves of the Himalayas but
have always had the spiritual service attitude toward society. When a youthful
Bengali collegeboy named Abhay De asked the great Srila Bhaktisiddhanta in 1922
why he was so interested in preaching when instead there was this great Indian
independence movement going on, Bhaktisiddhanta said very clearly that while
India has been under the chains of the British for 300 years, the jiva have
been under the chains of maya for billions of lifetimes, and the real independence
movement would be to end those bonds. Of course, I need not mention how greatly
Mr. De was influenced by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta's words. The rest is history.

-- Vijay

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