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Re: superstitions (2 of 2)

In article <39uk1u$rsg@ucunix.san.uc.edu>,
Mani Varadarajan  <mani@srirangam.esd.sgi.com> wrote:
>Manish Tandon (manish@cadence.com) writes:
>> Veda Vyasa wrote the Bhagvatam (I dont care what your great scholarly
>> Meemakshas have to say on this), and he called the Puranas and the itihas
>> as the fifth Veda.
>The Bhagavata Purana was composed in the 9th-10th centuries AD 
>by Southern Vaishnavas who were greatly influenced by the Tamil
>saints known as the Alvars. Please see the excellent work done
>by J.A.B. van Buitenen and Friedhelm Hardy in this regard. Both
>of these authors are available at any good university library
>near you.

Showing the Western Indologists works as fact, huh? Well, it happens
that while the first Western analysis of the Bhagavata suggested
it was by Vopadeva in the court of a South Indian king, the current
Western estimate places it much earlier still. Perhaps eventually the
Westerners will get their act together and see that it was indeed
composed by Vyasa. There is no reason to servilely accept
the works of the Westerners when those who _actually follow_ the
Purana place it at a much earlier date still.

-- Vijay

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