Military Vegetarians

     Troops living for six long months in the sands
of Kuwait who were vegetarian had to be very stoic or
inventive for their meals.  Says U.S. Army dietician
Judith Aylward in a VEGETARIAN TIMES magazine story,
"Except for peanut butter and cheese for crackers,
there was no entre'e a vegetarian would eat."  but the
collective din over only meat-centered dinners from
service men and women stationed in the Persian Gulf
catalyzed the Armed Forces Chaplain Board to request
the Pentagon to develop meals suitable for Hindus,
Buddhists, black Muslims and Seventh-Day Adventists,
all of whom wanted vegetarian meals for religious
reasons.  Aylward says, "For health and religious
reasons, a lot of people want this menu."  According
to the latest figures, 5% of all service personnel are
vegetarian.  The new rations are expected to be
available within a year in all branches of the
military.  On the down side, the new menu is
octo-lacto based, meaning it includes eggs and milk-
products, a problem for Hindus and Buddhists who don't
eat eggs.
            - HINDUISM TODAY, August 1991.

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