Seven script signs recurring  on two inscribed copper axes and on a seal and a seal impression,   Mohenjodaro; obverse (a,c) and reverse (b.d) of two axe blades (2798=DK7856 and 2796=DK7535) in room 15, house I, block 12A,G section, DK area together with a copper hoard; e is a fragmentary seal (2119) from room 5, house I, block 26,G section, DK area;  
f is an impression of a seal (c. 4.5cm sq.) on a clay tag found in the drain 124, house X, block 8, HR-B area.  
Drawn after Mackay 1938: II, pl. 126:t and pl. 131:35-6; Photo archive of the ASI, Sind Vol. 17, p. 79:  
400 (=a,b); Mackay 1938: II, pl. 126:2; pl. 131:31; Sind vol. 17, p. 80: 403-4 (=c,d); Mackay 1938: II, pl. 85: 119 (=e);  
CISI 2: 183, M-1384 (=f); cf. Parpola, 1994, p. 108.



        Fish sign incised on  copper anthropomorph,  
        Sheorajpur, upper Ganges valley,   ca. 2nd millennium B.C.,  
        4 kg; State Museum,   Lucknow (O.37)
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