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Fire workers: techniques of bronze smithy and lapidary: stoneware bangles
See weapons, implements etc. made by fire-workers of Sarasvati-Sindhu

Kotla Nihang (30.57N, 76.32E), 2 kms. SE of Ropar on Shatadru (Sutlej) river; oval fire kilns in a row; fragments of terracotta bangles were picked up from the kilns; Sharma, Y.D., 1982, Pl. 13.1

An exquisite example of bronze smithy is the statue wearing bangles from wrist to shoulder and a necklace, Mohenjodaro. (After Marshall, Pl. XCIV).
How were stoneware bangles made?

View of the slag with the coated sub-cylindrical bowl enclosing the stoneware bangles in a pile, in central position, Mohenjodaro. (Massimo Vidale, in:Jansen and Urban, 1987, p. 109)

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Grab403.jpg (1065 bytes)Grab404.jpg (1043 bytes)Grab405.jpg (1079 bytes)Grab406.jpg (998 bytes)Grab407.jpg (983 bytes)
Signs 403-407 are shaped like a pair of bangles
Balakot, Stoneware bangle and fragments (Blk-6, Parpola)
The bangle has an inscription in red: Grab342.jpg (802 bytes)Grab403.jpg (1065 bytes)
Reconstruction of the stoneware bangles' firing apparatus; stoneware bracelets are piled up in five pairs and enclosed in a coated carinated jar. The jar is given red-slipped, chaff-tempered outer coating. The apparatus is mounted on a network of supporting terracotta bangles. A unicorn seal impression is affixed on the upper capping. (Massimo Vidale, in:Jansen and Urban, 1987, p. 111)
Perforated jar (Use in gold purification, parase). Its use will be further explained in the lexicon. (Pots and pans301kb.)

More fireplaces, workers' quarters, workshops, warehouse

Standard in front of the bull (ibex, urus) with one curved horn

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