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Workers' quarters, fireplaces, workshops, warehouse


Drawing of Mohenjodaro (Museum of Mohenjodaro); cf. Jansen M., and G. Urban eds. Reports on Field Work carried out at Mohenjodaro, Interim Reports Vol. 2, 1987, Fig.7.

Aerial view, DK-1 or Moneer area, Mohenjodaro (ibid., Fig.1, p. 27).


harappaplatform3-t.jpg (3783 bytes)
Grab391.jpg (992 bytes)Grab392.jpg (1056 bytes)Grab393.jpg (935 bytes)Grab355.jpg (996 bytes)
Signs 391-393 and 355 of the script are reminiscent of this circle-shaped platform
Kalibangan: a floor of a lower town house with decorated tiles

Harappa: reconstructed platform close-up (white colouring is caused by salt seepage)

A row of seven(?) 'fire altars', clay-lined pits containing ash, charcoal, the remains of a clay stele (cylindrical and 30-40 cm. high) in the middle; Kalibangan; Thapar 1985: 55.
Kalibangan: well in the courtyard of a lower town house.

Grab244.jpg (856 bytes)
Sign 244 used in script is reminiscent of this building Sign 244 has variants:Varia244.jpg (8474 bytes)

Harappa, granary? Warehouse. An isometric view (After Vats). Between the citadel mound and the old river bank is a series of brick platforms for two rows of six warehouses, each 16m by 6 m (with a combined floor space of about 800 sq. m. To the south of this granary was an area of working floors with rows of circular brick platforms perhaps for threshing grain (wheat and barley chaff were found in the crevices of the floors).
fire1a.jpg (129015 bytes) Banawali fire altars (Drains to cope with 1500 C. heat)

Cholistan: Firing pots using terracotta (triangula) cakes to firm up the packaging during firing.


Workshop Platforms at Harappa (inside houses and courtyards): 

harappaplatform1.jpg (38882 bytes)
Harappa, platforms in perspective
harappaplatform2-t.jpg (5160 bytes)
Harappa, platform: one view

Fire workers: techniques of bronze smithy and lapidary: stoneware bangles

Standard in front of the bull (ibex, urus) with one curved horn

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