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Interfaith Relations

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Conversion of Hindus Conversion to Hindu dharma
Hindus have been considered a "fair" game for those engaged in the conversion trade.   Peaceful natures of Hindus have been exploited for conversion by force, fraud and inducements.

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Hindus do not believe in conversion and as such there is no standard procedure for converting a non-Hindu. There are several non-Hindus who seek conversion to Hindu dharma, and also several converted Hindus are seeking  reconversion.

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Comparative Religion Relationship between Hindus and Moslems
A comparative study of Hindu dharma and other religions, philosophically, and socially.  Plus events that bring all the faiths together.

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Moslem invasion of India has been one of the most brutal events in the history of mankind.  During the Moslem rule, millions of Hindus were massacred and converted by force.  Today, the condition of Hindus in Kashmir and other Moslem majority areas form the basis for the relationship between Hindus and Moslems.

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Relationship between Hindus and Christians
Christians had live in India peacefully for close to 2000 years.  However, the Portugese occupation of Goa in 1700s began a campaign of conversion of Hindus to Christianity - often brutally.   However, today, across the world in many countries, Christians and Hindus live peacefully together.

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