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God Sages Gurus and Great Hindus

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God in Hindu Dharma and Temples All the Major Deities in One Page
An extensive section explaining the concept of God in Hindu dharma, the explanation of God with and without form, explanation and legends of Hindu deities - Gods  images

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If you want a one page summary of all the major Hindu deities, this is the page to go to

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The Hindu Trinity Avatars of Lord Vishnu
Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh (Shiva) make up the Hindu trinity

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Lord Vishnu, the sustainer of the universe has taken nine incarnations (avatars) on earth so far, and one more incarnation is yet to take birth. This section describes the  dasha avatars - the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu

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Devatas Planet Deities
Vedic deities are generally referred to as devatas. 

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Nine deities representing nine planets are called navagrahas.  These grahas are supposed to have a significant impact on the lives of an individual. 

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Animal Deities Biographies of Great Hindus
Hindus see divinity in all living beings.  Some animals are considered divine creatures whereas some are used as vehicles by Gods and Goddesses

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Over 100 biographies of great Hindu kings, queens, freedom fighters, scientists, writers, poets, musicians, and others

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Rishis Saints
The ancient sages and their biographies

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Biographies of pre-20 th. century saints and gurus.

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Biographies of saints and gurus who lived in 20 th. century and after.

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